A downloadable game for Windows

Karate Krab is a fast paced 2.5D platformer for Windows that will challenge players

Karate Krab has a set of skills that allow him to overcome the predicaments he finds himself in. Using his 'Karate Dashes' KK can shoot into four different directions at high speed to either cross chasms or attack enemies. After hitting an enemy, KK can then dash again which can lead to chain dashing!

With 60 levels and 3 bosses, Karate Krab is packed with tense action and fun gameplay.

There are multiple routes to take and sometimes hidden collectables!

A 3 star-fish rating system in place on every level, it's important to race through KK as quickly as possible earning as many stars as possible!

Wall Jumping is a vital part of progression and timing them can be tricky, luckily Karate Krab can slide down walls to better position himself.

There are many ways to die in KK and as soon as you do you are thrown straight back into the action!

Controller support!

He has been abandoned by his 'friends'. The other crabs were not such a big fan of him, so while he was asleep, they all left which leads him to waking up alone. After searching for them for a very long time, at the surface above, a boats' wake slowly dissapates revealing a white gi, floating down toward the sea bed. After donning the gi, our hero suddenly learns the power of karate for no reason and becomes Karate Krab.

With his new-found power, he vows to take down all of the crabs who wronged him as well as any other sea creatures that stand in his way.

The game will cost £6.99
No microtransactions

Liquid Sapling:

Ross Everson - Game Designer, Animator

Ashley Burr - Artist

Colby Leung - Artist, Sound

Mark Avery – Lead Programmer, Level Designer

Samuel Clark – Programmer, Level Designer

James Ferguson – Programmer, Level Designer

Dan Aston - Music

Steam Greenlight: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/...

Twitter: https://twitter.com/karate_krab

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/karatekrab/

Install instructions

After downloading, Unzip the folder and then open the KarateKrab application file. If Windows protect pops up, click more info and run anyway.

Enjoy our game!


KarateKrab Demo (462 MB)

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